Series on Topps Baseball Cards


Over a ten-week period, I have a series running on “THE GREAT TOPPS BASEBALL CARD MONOPOLY” at the National Pastime Museum web site (since defunct).  This web site is a great place to read about baseball history (not just baseball cards!), and I have written for them on other topics as well.  There are a lot of writers, many more famous and accomplished than me.

Anyhow, I wanted to create this post so that I could link to every article as they are released, giving you a way to read older articles rather than having to search for them.

April 7.  Part 1:  Introduction.

April 14.  Part 2:  Taking Over.  (focus on 1956-57)

April 21.  Part 3:  Innovative Subsets.  (focus on 1958-61)

April 28.  Part 4:  Men Without Hats.  (focus on 1962-63)

May 5.  Part 5: Rookie Cards.  (focus on 1964-67)

May 12.  Part 6: Conflict.  (focus on 1968-69)

May 19.  Part 7: Collecting.  (focus on 1970-71)

May 26.  Part 8: Grey Backs. (focus on 1972-75)

June 2.  Part 9: Competition.  (focus on 1976-80)

June 9.  Part 10: The Best of the Best.


Author: Mark Armour

Long-time SABR member, founder and past chairman of the Baseball Cards Committee, founder and past chairman (2002-2016) of the Biography Project, current President of the SABR board of directors, author of several books and dozens of articles on baseball. See

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